Bicycle Accident Lawsuits

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you may have the right to file a lawsuit. Many states have laws regarding bicycle accidents. In addition, you can claim damages for your injuries even if you didn’t cause the crash. You can also recover compensation for the other person’s medical costs if they were at fault for the collision. In general, you can recover as much as $5,000 per accident. The amount of your recovery depends on the circumstances of the accident.

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Injuries from a bike accident can be both mental and physical. If the driver was at fault, you might have a claim for emotional distress. If the driver of the car was erratic or reckless, you can ask for a settlement. You will need corroborating evidence to prove that you were at fault. Whether the accident was your fault or the other party’s, an experienced bicycle accident lawyer can help you obtain justice. Read more about:

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Bicyclists often suffer serious injuries when struck by vehicles. In addition to road rash, some of these injuries can require skin grafting. Impact to the face can also result in dental and facial injuries. An experienced lawyer can help assess your damages and develop a strategy to win the case. There are numerous factors that will determine whether you are entitled to compensation for a bicycle accident. A qualified attorney will be able to guide you through the process and determine if you have a viable case.

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