Glossary Of Commonly Used Personal Injury Term

Law may seem complicated to most ordinary people. Due to the complex terms, understanding the aspects of the law field may take time and effort. When you take guidance from a personal injury lawyer, they may use some legal terms that remain tough for you if you need to learn some commonly used personal injury terms.

Assumption Of Risk

If a person voluntarily goes forward knowing that there might be a risk, the responsible persons will not pay him the monetary damages as there is an assumption of risks.

Abstract Of Title 

Official records and summary of the documents of the real property.

Ad litem 

This is a Latin term meaning the reasons for a lawsuit. When a child or an incompetent adult is not capable of representing their lawsuit, a guardian may represent on their behalf.


The action related to mental or physical harm suffered by a person on behalf of the injured victim due to the defendant’s negligence is known as a claim.

Comparative Negligence

Comparing the defendant’s negligence with the contribution to the accident by the plaintiff. The plaintiff’s total damage may be decreased by the proportion they are held responsible for. Your personal injury lawyer will help you understand the negligence’s proportions.


Due to the injury or loss of another person’s negligence, the monetary payment is generally known as the damages. Payments are generally recovered from civil court cases to cover economic losses.


It is an obligation to provide specific standards of care. You will be termed negligent if you fail to attain the duty. The injured individual may take necessary legal action.


A false or deceptive statement to convince another person to give up some rights may be known as fraud.

Hazardous Exposure

Physical contact or proximity of toxic agents may cause injuries. The manufacturer of the products, the installation companies, the owner of the building, the employer, and the landlord may be held responsible if the defendant has fallen sick due to exposure to the toxic substance.


Monetary damages are known as liability. This is an obligation that is fulfilled after the monetary payments.

Personal Injury

This area covers financial, physical, and emotional injuries caused by another person’s negligence. Personal injury cases are opposed to criminal lawsuits. Premises liability and auto accidents are two types of personal injury cases.

Third-Party Litigation

When a defendant wants to bring another party for the litigation, the injury caused by another party due to negligence may be called third-party litigation.

Total Disability

When an employee is impaired due to a work-related injury, he gets compensation of up to two-thirds of his wages to the maximum weekly payments.


When guided by the personal injury lawyer, you may ask him about the terms if you have yet to learn them. The law process is complex and may become even more complicated if anyone needs to learn their legal terms. You may begin by learning the words mentioned earlier.

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