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Is there a right of way for motorcycles?

In order to avoid accidents and protect everyone who uses the roads, drivers of automobiles, motorcycles, and tractor-trailers are all required by law to abide by the same traffic laws and regulations. Motorcycles do not always have the right of way as a result.

In addition, motorcyclists should exercise extra caution because they run a higher risk of suffering serious injuries or perhaps passing away if another car fails to yield as required by the law. Motorcycle riders may also be entitled to financial compensation if they are injured as a result of another vehicle refusing to cede right-of-way.

When you choose to deal with a lawyer, they might start an inquiry into what transpired and who is legally liable. The remainder of this procedure can be handled by your Personal injury attorney in Atlanta with solid backing for your lawsuit or insurance claim. On the basis of the details of your motorbike accident case, they can seek adequate compensation on your behalf. After that, you can concentrate on getting better. They should handle the remainder.

What Are My Options for Receiving Compensation for My Injuries?

When another party is at fault for your accident injuries, the law allows you the right to seek compensation for your connected costs and losses.

With respect to the particulars of the accident, this typically happens in one of two ways:

Auto Insurance: This entails submitting an insurance claim, seeking a just settlement, and haggling with the at-fault driver’s auto liability insurer.

Civil lawsuit: This comprises bringing a claim against the at-fault motorist in civil court in the county where the collision occurred, navigating the court system, arguing your case before a jury, and seeking a monetary award in addition to a successful verdict.

In other words, you may have a number of alternatives for getting the money you need to pay your medical costs, make up for missed wages, and receive compensation for additional monetary and emotional losses.

Recognising right-of-way

When it comes to traffic, the motorist always has the right of way. You can find out who goes first in situations you could encounter while driving by consulting state and municipal traffic laws. All automobiles are subject to the same rules.

Typical illustrations include:

Stops at four-ways

The motorist with the right-of-way is the one who arrives first when two vehicles approach a junction with an all-way stop sign. However, Georgia law stipulates that the motorist on the left must surrender the right-of-way to the driver on the right when two vehicles approach simultaneously.

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