The Tactics a California Wrongful Termination Lawyer Could Employ 

While there is truth to the fact that California is an at-will employment state, it does not necessarily mean that your employer always has the right to terminate an employee without any reason. So, in case you were fired due to retaliation, age discrimination, gender identity discrimination, a change in marital status, or pregnancy, just know that it is prohibited in California. Hire a wrongful termination lawyer to learn more about what you can do. Do you feel you were wrongfully terminated from your job? If yes, you can file a wrongful termination claim or lawsuit against your employer. Remember that you are not alone.

Here are some things the lawyer might do to prove that your employer was accountable:

Determining the reason for termination:

The first thing your lawyer might do is dig deep and find out the reason why you were terminated from your job. The sad truth is that employers often lie, do not accept the truth, and even give false justifications for firing. There have been cases where it has been seen that an employer was fired once they filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment.

Hardly any employer would accept that. Mostly, the employer would say that your services were no longer required or that your work was subpar. But that is rarely the case when it comes to wrongful termination. If you hire a California wrongful termination lawyer, they will try to unearth the reason you were fired to prove that it was wrong. A lawyer might look into your previous performance evaluations, chat logs, emails, messages, voicemails, employment agreements, or any supporting documents to ascertain that. 

Find witness:

A lawyer would also try to find witnesses, as they may be extremely important to your case. To do this, they could peak with some crucial witnesses to develop a stronger case against your company. 

Final thoughts:

Your lawyer could think it’s important to refute your employer’s assertion that you were let go due to subpar performance at work. In order to do this, they could speak with coworkers, customers, previous managers, and other people who might be able to shed light on your professional attributes. Alternatively, if you suspect you were fired for discriminatory reasons, your lawyer may speak with witnesses who can attest to the existence of prejudice at your place of employment. Are you a victim of wrongful termination? It’s time you took action against your employer.

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