What Causes Bicycle Accidents in Glastonbury?

Glastonbury has a dense concentration of cyclists as residents are urged to be as independent as possible by leaving their cars at home and using bicycles for transportation. However, these factors might make it difficult for cyclists to stay safe on the road. As a result, a few cyclists end up getting into accidents, causing them to suffer serious injuries. And if you are injured in a bicycle accident, then it is essential to consult a glastonbury personal injury lawyer to find out if you can file a claim to get compensation so that you can focus on your recovery instead.

Bicycle accidents usually happen with the negligence of cyclists who do not pay enough attention to traffic rules and are not familiar with the roads. 

We will see more into what usually causes bicycle accidents in Glastonbury.

  • Distracted riding

Inappropriately using mobile phones while cycling is hazardous, especially when it distracts a cyclist from watching out for other road users. If you notice that you are having difficulty controlling your bicycle as you ride, this is probably an indicator that you have wrongly prioritized your needs over the safety of others. Even if you think that turning your attention away from bicycles for a few seconds will not cause any harm, this is a dangerous mindset to have on the road.  

  • Fatigued riding

Riding your bicycle for an extended period of time might make you tired and thus, endangering not only yourself but also the others on the road. It is important to take breaks every once in a while, especially if you feel that your concentration has started to falter. Sometimes fatigue is not a result of the distance traveled by a cyclist, instead, it comes from having inadequate rest and nutrition.

  • Running a red light or stop sign

This might be one of the biggest causes of bicycle injuries in Glastonbury as it is totally irresponsible to do so. People are often tempted to run a stop sign or red light while they are on the road because they see it as an opportunity to move forward faster. Unfortunately, this decision might have dangerous consequences. On top of collisions with other vehicles, this act can cause serious injuries such as fractures and internal bleeding.

  • Passing too closely

Many bicycle injuries occur as a result of passing too closely, especially for motorists who are not used to seeing bicyclists on the road. It is not only dangerous for cyclists but also for motorists who have to swerve to avoid a collision and other unavoidable injuries.

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