Buying an Advocate Uniform Online

If you want to become an advocate, then the first step is to get an online lawyer uniform. There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing your attorney uniform, but it all starts with the style of your attire. The Supreme Court of India has a dress code for advocates, and it’s important to adhere to it. You’ll need a black tie and a dark blue suit. You can also purchase your advocate uniform online.

Advocate’s Dress

The Advocate’s costume is based on the tradition of the medieval judicial dress. For instance, the ‘toga’ was the attire worn by Reverend Advocates in the Secular and Ecclesiastical Courts. It later became the Pleaders Uniform. The Supreme Court, however, requires an open breasted black coat. The neck-band of the suit must be white, so that you can easily identify your individual judge.

Advocate’s band

In addition to the white collar, advocates also wear a white neck-band, which represents innocence. The Advocate’s band is made from two pieces of white cloth and represents the Tables of Laws and Stone. According to Christian belief, Moses used tablets to write the ten commandments, which are the first uniformly coded law. The white band on the Advocate’s robe is shaped like a rectangular tablet, and stands for upholding God’s laws.

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