Car Accident Law Philippines

Car accidents in the Philippines are common, and the law aims to prevent them from becoming a common occurrence. It also holds vehicle owners accountable for injuries and deaths caused by their negligence. If you or someone else is driving negligently, you may be held liable for the damages. If you or someone else is at fault, you may file a claim in civil court. However, there are certain situations where you can choose to remain at the scene.

Owed parties

The insurance company of the negligent party is obligated to pay the compensation. The insurers of both parties are bound by law to offer a settlement. The amount of compensation will depend on the injuries sustained by the victim. If the injury is serious or permanent, the settlement amount may be higher. The plaintiff in the previous accident suffered a torn left rotator cuff and needed arthroscopic surgery to repair it. The proceeds of the case will be divided among the owed parties. The law does not apply to car accidents in the Philippines.

Settlement negotiations

There are two basic approaches to getting a settlement in a car accident case. First, the insurance company will pay the victims. In the Philippines, the average settlement amount in a car accident case is about $21,000. The second option is informal settlement negotiations. You can negotiate with the insurance company yourself and negotiate a lower amount. You may be able to reach an agreement that will be better for you. In this method, the insurance company will pay the victim the amount you think you deserve.

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