Employment and Housing Discrimination – California

California, like many other states, has passed laws to protect people from discrimination. Currently, this law covers employers with 15 or more employees in industries affecting commerce. However, the state has added other protected classes, such as gender expression, national origin, and age. While it does not apply to religious organizations, this law does cover certain categories. In addition, it covers pregnancy and physical disabilities. Furthermore, it extends additional protections for people with a disabling condition.

Federal laws

Federal laws prohibit employment and housing discrimination based on age, sex, or ethnicity. While these statutes do not specifically ban age discrimination, many states prohibit it. For example, in California, landlords cannot require applicants to prove citizenship or immigration papers. This type of discrimination places a burden on one group, which puts the burden on the entire group. In addition, landlords cannot exclude people from rental housing based on their race, age, or family status.


Employers can legally prohibit discrimination based on age, sex, or ethnicity. However, this prohibition does not cover employment and housing discrimination based on age, sexist policies, and disability-related factors. In addition, if the employer is a private company, this law does not apply to such organizations. It also does not apply to religious organizations or religious institutions.

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