How to Dress as an Advocate in Summer

Recently, the Supreme Court of India has issued a directive requiring advocates to refrain from wearing black coats and robes in summer. The new rules are intended to make advocating more comfortable, while still displaying a professional and business-like image. In this case, advocates are permitted to wear black shirts and black pants and can wear a black tie or band. However, in some cases, advocates are expected to wear a white shirt.

Advocates’ gown

Although the advocates’ gown is an optional garment for those in the subordinate courts, it is mandatory for those in the Supreme and High Courts. Unlike judges, lawyers do not wear wigs or aprons, and their dress is long and black. Lawyers are required to wear a barrister’s pouch at the back of their robe, although some junior advocates may opt for a black robe and a flap instead.

Court waistcoat

In addition to a wing collar shirt, advocates wear bands. Bands are two strips of linen tied at the neck. A black double-breasted suit with a white waistcoat or band is also a common attire for advocates. A bar jacket is also known as a court waistcoat. Women often wear a black robe with a band attached to the collarette. If you’re considering becoming an advocate, consider the various options available to you.

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