Motor Vehicle Accident Case Law

Motor vehicle accident case law is a complicated area of the law. The law outlines the rules for the collision between two vehicles. Ultimately, it is decided by the state laws in which the mishap took place. Police take pictures of the accident scene, interview witnesses and break down the scene. After the police have examined the scene, individuals will file a claim with their collision protection organizations. The collision protection organization will examine the report to determine if the driver was negligent.


In cases involving negligence, a person may not be entirely at fault if they caused the accident, but they may still be liable for damages if the accident was their fault. The law recognizes both drivers’ responsibility for the incident, but it also has a different concept for contributory negligence. In this case, both drivers are responsible for the accident, but one of them was negligent. This is a rare scenario, but a court can hold the other driver at fault for causing the accident.

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Common sense and statutory law

Motor vehicle accident case law is divided into two categories: common sense and statutory law. In the former category, the negligent driver may be liable for the victim’s injuries and damages. However, the latter group is more likely to win a case based on negligence. In general, plaintiffs need to prove that they have been injured. They should show evidence of the damage they sustained as a result of the crash. The compensation they receive may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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