What is Police Brutality?

Recent reports of police brutality have thrown the focus back onto police misconduct and the use of excessive force. But what is this kind of conduct? What is the cause? How can it be prevented? What can we do to make it stop? What is the proper response? There are many different laws that can protect victims of mistreatment by police, and these laws are all interconnected. The question remains: how do we prevent this type of behavior?

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Definition of police brutality

In the United States, there is no single definition of police brutality. While there are different definitions, many are considered to be “innocent,” and many incidents of police violence are documented. Some types of violence are more egregious than others, such as kicking a homeless person in the groin or kicking someone over the head. While police misconduct is a serious concern, the issue is often difficult to quantify. Regardless of the cause, there is no single solution.

Laws and guidelines

While there are laws and guidelines regarding the use of force by police, such practices are illegal. However, when the use of force is used to achieve a politically desirable goal, the term “police brutality” is often used to describe excessive force by police. This is a misuse of power by police. Since the rise of racial and ethnic profiling in the US in the past decade, this issue has been a major source of social misinterpretation.

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