Ask these Questions to your Will Planning Attorney

Will planning is difficult and getting it done early in your life will save you from the extra burden at the end of your life. To carry out excellent will planning you need to contact an experienced will planning attorney like a San Antonio will planning lawyer. But what should you tell them? And what is the question that you should ask them for a better understanding of the process?

Here are some topics that you need to ask your will planning attorney to get a better picture:

Is will planning the primary focus of your practice?

Hire a lawyer if the answer to this question is ‘yes’. There are many good lawyers in the legal market but their area of practice is different. A personal injury lawyer will be of no use in will planning. 

A will planning lawyer will have a clear idea about the dynamics of your concern and will provide you with the best advice and guidance throughout your case. 

What is the tenure of your practice?

You need to find someone who has been in this field for a long time and has seen all the problems and unique client needs that planning cases might have. Their experience will be a bonus for you.

Do you execute the plans?

Some attorneys are only involved in drafting the will. But you should settle for someone who has the experience of executing the wills too. The lawyer should stay with you even after your death and ensure everything goes according to your will. 

Are you comfortable conducting periodic views?

Some attorneys review your will annually or semi-annually and update it with any changes if you wish to. This is very important because in the course of your life you may face some shifts in your assets and want to update the will.

What is your experience with taxes?

They should have experience in handling taxes too and should be up-to-date about the new tax policies. For example, the Tax Cut and Job Act 2017 raised the estate taxes and generation-skipping tax exemption till 2025.

Can you help you in making a will that will include trusts and life insurance?

You may have multiple life insurance and trusts, find someone who can make a comprehensive will that will include all of these. So their knowledge is extremely important in this area. 

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