Dog Owners’ Liability for Bites and Other Wounds

Unfortunately, dog bite cases have become a typical instance. A dog bites many people. The dog bite victims likely encounter physical injuries and mental trauma. However, dog owners are legally responsible for looking after their dogs and preventing them from injuring people or damaging someone else’s property. 

If you have been a dog bite victim, it would be best to learn more about dog owners’ liability for bites and other injuries caused by their pets. Most people do not know how and when a dog owner is liable for the damages caused by their pets. As a result, unawareness prohibits the victim from seeking fair compensation or recovering from the accident. 

Liability for dog bite injuries and damages 

  • Statute 

A dog owner can be held liable in a civil lawsuit for a dog bite. Owners are responsible for a bite or any other kind of injury caused by the animal. As soon as a dog injures someone, a dog bite statute invokes. Every state has strict dog bite laws that make the owners liable. The rule will mandate the dog owner to bear the financial responsibility for dog bites and other injuries. The liability will be applicable anyhow of the owner’s negligence or the dog’s past. 

  • Proof 

The dog bite victim can prove that the owner knew about the dog tending to cause injuries to others. You should know that even in states with no strict laws about dog bites, the dog owner will be liable anyway. The owner will be held responsible under the principle known as the “one-bite rule.” Later on, the dog owners will be liable for any injuries if they know or should have known about their dog hurting others. 

  • Negligence 

If you have been a dog bite victim, you can prove that the dog owner was negligent about their dog. You can hire a lawyer and gather evidence to verify that the dog has bitten you. Violating a local leash law or leaving the gate open allows the dog to cause problems for others. 

What to do when a dog hurts you? 

It would be best to seek medical help, for instance. You should get the dog owner’s name, phone number, and other details. It would also be beneficial if you gathered the contact information of any witness. Also, you can click pictures of the accident as it is served as evidence for the legal case. 

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