Here Are Some of the Questions to Ask a Potential DUI Lawyer in Kent, WA

Every day, more than 30 people in the United States die in car accidents involving driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. That is one death after every one hour.

At the same time, the US database records over $40 billion in losses yearly caused by DUI cases, with alcohol-impaired crashes accounting for 30% of all traffic-related deaths.

If you are charged with driving under the influence case, it will be best to look for a qualified DUI attorney in Kent, WA, to help you.

However, not all DUI attorneys are created the same. This is why it is best to take your time and be prepared for the interview with the following questions:

1. Do You Offer a Free Consultation?

If you are faced with a DUI case, it will be best to get a good attorney. But this doesn’t mean that you chose the first attorney you come across. If you think an attorney can’t represent you well, you are not obligated to enlist their services.

That is why it is best to schedule a free consultation. Take all the paperwork and details with you. This should include court dates and summons. Afterward, discuss with your attorney and determine what kind of advice they can give.

2. How Regularly Do You Handle Take DUI Cases to Trial?

Many DUI cases are often taken to court for trial. They can be resolved through plea bargains and, in turn, get the accused facing the charges. The number of cases a DUI lawyer settles in court or through a plea bargain doesn’t count. But it does if your lawyer has the experience to successfully argue cases in court.

A plea bargain is often not a perfect option for every individual. Although the decision is for clients to make whether or not to take the case to court, your lawyer must advise you on what is going to happen at every step.

3. What is Your Specialization?

It won’t be enough to find an attorney with general experience. That is because a general attorney may not know how to get around your DUI case. This is why it is advisable to hire an attorney in Kent who has specialization in handling DUI cases.

Someone who has specialization has knowledge about your unique situation. They might even have professional contacts, which may benefit your situation too. For instance, they may have a solid relationship with local prosecutors and judges.

4. How Do You Plan to Build My DUI Case?

While guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the fact is that, when it comes to criminal courts, defendants must introduce that reasonable doubt to get acquitted.

When you meet a potential DUI lawyer in Kent, ask them how they often work to build a defense on their client’s behalf. This will help you determine whether the attorney is prepared to analyze Breathalyzer and blood alcohol test results.


As far as choosing the best lawyer is concerned, there are three major questions to ask a potential DUI attorney. These include their specialization, experience, and whether they offer a free consultation. To ensure you get the right answers to your questions, work with the best DUI lawyer in Kent.

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