Here is How You Can Beat the Stress at Your New Work Place

Stepping into a new workplace is always overwhelming. Whether you are a fresh graduate starting the first job of your career or a professional with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, in both situations you mightfeel anxiety emerging inside you at the new workplace. Here we have summed up some of the ways through which you can deal with the new job stress and anxiety and increase your productivity at the new workplace.

As we said, exiting a job or college to enter an entirely new workplace is an overwhelming experience. You will find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster ride at the start. From feeling excited about your new journey to having nightmares about the workload and your work handling capacity, there is a lot of emotional stress that you have to deal with.

The exciting phase soon turns into a panic sequence when different speculations hit you all of a sudden. If we tell you from experience then some of the early nightmares that hit us were thinking that everyone else on the job is better than we are. Our co-workers who are on the job foryears would judge us over performance. Our boss would think of us as the wrong choice for this job. In addition, thoughts like these took place in our minds. Soon after realizing that we are not the only ones that encounter this early anxiety phase, it became essential to come up with an adequate solution to deal with this new job stress.

If you are going through similar condition then the following ways might help you cope with the new job stress:

Speak Up, Don’t Suffer

One of the most influential factors that cause stress in a new job is suffering in silence. Many people on their new job stay quiet when they face trouble in managing their work or adjusting in the new workplace culture. Sometimes people around them encourage their silence, which makes them more alienated in the workplace and eventually increases their stress level. If you think that asking many questions from your co-workers and manager would make you look dumb and less knowledgeable then you are wrong.

Sarah Connell, the founder of MindingMe Psychologist and a business psychologist, says that explaining to your boss the tasks you are handling or how long they take to be completed or whether you need an extra resource for help is a great way to come up with a solution. She further adds that upon meeting with your manager where you address the problems you are facing at work, you should have control over your emotions. By staying calm and composed, you will come up with a solution in a professional way.

What she is trying to suggest here is that expressing the difficulties you face is not a sign of weakness. By communicating with your manager or co-workers for help, you will only manage to lessen the job stress that usually increases upon remaining silent.

Build Perspective, Build Positivity

This might sound clichéd but having a positive attitude at work increases your productivity and lessens the work stress. However, to have a positive attitude at work, you need to come up with a manner that builds perspective of how you handle the work situation.

Sarah Connell says that it is advisableto keep reminding yourself that there are more important things in your life than taking endless work stress.

For building a perspective, practice cognitive behavioral therapy and techniques that relax the mind. This might not completely resolve the work problem but it will give you a perspective on how to positively deal with the problems.

Co-founder of CraeerTree and career coach Sarah Archer in this regard suggests that taking emotional baggage of work to your home is not a good idea. She suggests keeping the emails and phone alerts switched off as soon as you reach home.

Just Take a Break and Relax

Stress is good to increase our productivity at work but a lot of stress just sends you into a survival mode, which eventually becomes counterproductive.

Having a lot of stress at your new job might end up disturbing the flow of your work and eventually ends up making you stress beyond repair. Therefore, when you realize that you are taking too much pressure on yourself and it has started affecting your health and work, then all you need to do is take a break.

Taking a break does not usually mean to go on a 15-day vacationto a foreign country. However, taking 2-3 days off from your work to relax in your home works well for your brain. If you ask us, a bucket of chicken nuggets and a good Netflix series are all that we need to have a proper me-time and escape from work stress. Not to forget the importance of high-speed internet  that makes sure your me-time is free from the disruption caused by slow internet.


Having a new job throws you to an emotional roller coaster ride. From making you feel excited about your journey to throwing you into a dump of work stress, a new job becomes an overwhelming experience for everyone. In this article, you will find ways through which you can cope with the work stress and boost your productivity.

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