Here’s What You Should Know About Your Employment  Rights 

Every employee has their own rights. This,  in any case, should not be violated by the employer. Demands within an employee’s rights are lawful. Consequently, denying to provide any aid within the boundaries of employment rights is a crime in itself. Every employee needs to be aware of the rights that they possess and also when to use them. Employment laws often lay down several provisions to maintain sanity and safeguard the rights of the employee class. The importance of the lawful presence of such rights comes into play when an employer tries to exploit the rights of the employee. To know more about such rights, you can refer to Hayber, McKenna, & Dinsmore. 

This blog lists a few of the common employment rights. For instance, 

  • An employment agreement should always be placed between the employer and the employee. These agreements will justify all the rights employees possess working under the employer. Signatures on such papers are essential before an employee starts working under an employer.
  • The concept of “leave” should be clear between the employee and the employer. In a broad sense, there are four types of leaves. Casual, sick, paid, and others. The “other” might include leaves, which, if taken by the employee, the employer can opt to deduct a part of the salary.
  • Receiving salaries is an important part of such a clause. Every employee is entitled / should be guaranteed their wage to be paid in time by their employer. Any sort of delay must require justification. If not paid for a prolonged period, the employee might as well opt to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit.
  • Every employer should provide their female employees with maternity benefits. This includes leaving for around 26 weeks during the time of pregnancy. Why should an employer do it? The maternity act of 2017 safeguards the rights of all women employees.
  • An employer, within all rights, can opt to fire one of the employees. But then, a process must be followed by them. A notice should be handed over to the employee with proper reasoning addressing the firm’s decision. If such a procedure is not followed, the employee can hire an attorney and go for the legal route.


There are certain rights and laws maintained for an employee’s benefit and to avoid illegal exploitation of employees. However, the most important part here is that employees are solely responsible for being aware of such rights. 

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