How lawyers can help during bankruptcy?

If you are a resident of San Fernando Valley, you should look for experienced bankruptcy lawyers in San Fernando Valley. Without a reputable lawyer to provide you with financial advice, you can face many challenges when handling the paperwork. The process can be quite complicated and even a simple case will require you to fill out long forms.

Bankruptcy lawyers can be of two types, commercial and consumer bankruptcy lawyers.

The first type guides you to file for business bankruptcy and the second type helps you file for personal bankruptcy. Commercial bankruptcy attorneys can protect businesses from creditors during this process; they can help you repay your loans and ensure you have time to reorganize your business.

The biggest benefit of hiring a capable bankruptcy attorney is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your options so that you can file for the right type of bankruptcy. For example, Chapters 7 and 13 can offer protection from creditors, but the right choice will depend on the uniqueness of your situation.

Another good reason to seek out an experienced bankruptcy attorney is to ensure that you meet all of your bankruptcy requirements. This is because such cases can be easily dismissed if the criteria are not met. For example, you will have to pay court fees when you fill out forms, obey court orders, or even make payments on time to ensure the case goes through.

Any experienced lawyer will ensure that your assets are protected and you do not have to suffer unprecedented losses. If you should receive money, you should document it as an asset. Otherwise, you may lose money from lawsuit proceeds, tax refunds, inherited money, bonuses, or sales commissions.

Your bankruptcy attorney will also show you the best ways to deal with credit card debt and payday loans. It will tell you how this condition can affect your credit rating and advise you on how to restore your ratings as soon as possible.

The attorney you hire will also help you find ways to avoid foreclosure and repossession so you can keep your home and cars. If you are going through divorce proceedings, it will show you how to best deal with your debts to minimize the impact on your children and inheritance.

Finally, your attorney will tell you how to get out of debt and show you ways to deal with what remains as debt. It will also guide you in settling existing debts and teach you how to avoid such situations in the future by showing you the importance of budgeting, cutting expenses wherever possible, and prioritizing expenses.

When you find a reputable bankruptcy law firm, you will find that most attorneys are open to a free consultation.


Declaring bankruptcy is a significant decision. After all, a bankruptcy filing stays on your credit report for seven to 10 years, depending on the type of bankruptcy. Carefully consider whether you want to hire a bankruptcy attorney or take the more complicated route of handling it yourself. No matter which route you take, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you a fresh start in managing your money.

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