How to Get an Engagement Ring through Customs

If you’re planning a surprise proposal on an extended trip or simply want to keep your future spouse unaware during airport security, there are several ways to discretely bring a custom engagement ring through.

Online jewellers are often the best option, as they usually ship directly to you and don’t charge duties on purchases. However, you need to factor this into your budget plan.

1. Keep it in your carry-on bag

When planning a surprise proposal for your partner, you might be worried about getting it through customs. Whether taking the ring to her hometown or traveling during the holiday, it’s essential that you organize everything properly and ensure your new purchase remains safe during transit.

When bespoke engagement rings Manchester for a trip with the TSA, they recommend that you avoid including items in your luggage that could set off an alarm. This includes liquids, pocket knives and scissors.

Instead, conceal the ring inside a box or other nondescript item that won’t attract security attention. Try packing it inside of a sock or glove so that it blends in without standing out as unusual and suspicious.

You can write a note on the box or wrap it around the ring to alert security that there is something valuable inside. However, make sure you destroy this note once through security so no one else sees it.

2. Keep it in your pocket

One of the best places to conceal your engagement ring is in a pocket. This can be accomplished by tucking it away in the back pocket of your jeans or under an old coat that you don’t wear often.

You could also place the ring in a pocket of some shoes you don’t wear often. This can be an excellent way to keep the surprise until you’re ready to propose, and there will be no risk of it getting lost or stolen.

Hiding your ring in your pocket has the added advantage of not setting off airport metal detectors. This can be especially helpful if you’re flying somewhere that isn’t in your home country; it adds an extra layer of safety for both you and your partner.

3. Hide it in your checked bag

If you want to keep your engagement ring secure and avoid any embarrassing moments, it’s best to hide it in your checked bag. Doing this will keep it out of sight of any suspicious security personnel who may be checking through your luggage.

Another alternative is to slip it into a clean sock or glove. This keeps it away from any electronics that might set off metal detectors and makes it less likely to attract attention during a search.

You could also place the items you need before the trip in a box you pre-purchased and store in your suitcase. This way, if someone happens to glance through your bag before boarding the plane, they won’t likely notice anything unusual.

4. Thread it through a straw

If you’re flying across the pond and want to avoid a full security search, thread your rings through a straw. This will keep them from getting tangled or lost in the luggage compartment.

Straws are simply paper or plastic tubes with an integrated loop at one end to hold onto your ring. This keeps it from getting tangled up in your carry-on bag or falling out of your hand while waiting for a flight.


You may want to consider using a paper or Styrofoam plate as a storage container for your earrings. Not only will this prevent them from getting lost, but it will also shield them from scratches or nicks during transit.

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