How to Respond to Insurance Disputes after an Injury

When you’ve gone through a traumatic injury, it’s unlikely you’ll be open to dealing with insurance disputes, but they don’t care if you’re ready for them.  Many insurance companies want to save money and pay out as little as possible, so they don’t have to cover the full costs of what happened to you, but this isn’t okay.

These are the most important things to do when an insurance company tries to dispute your claim after an accident and why it’s important to follow through.

Understand Your Legal Rights

Every insurance company is regulated by the laws of the state and country they’re in.  This will dictate what bills they must cover, how they can settle claims and other issues that can be incredibly useful to know in this case.  To find out what laws your insurance company must follow, you can call your state’s insurance department or check the state website.

Use an Agent or Broker

Health insurance agents are great contact points to help you get through to the company.  Not only do they know what’s worked before, but it feels better to discuss what you’re going through with an actual human being who can understand your pain and frustration.  Make sure to keep records of any communications.

Write a Letter

If the insurance company isn’t verbally communicating with you, it’s time to write a letter to the right manager of the insurance company you’re struggling with.  Let them know the problem, what resolution you’d want, whatever policy numbers this pertains to, and how to contact you back.  You can also include copies of documents you have supporting your case: but don’t send originals.

Speak to a Lawyer

Before you go any further, it’s time to talk to a personal injury lawyer.  These professionals are thoroughly trained in the law and know what is and isn’t legal.  Not only will they be able to help you pen a better letter to the insurance company, but by simply having a lawyer, you put some heat on the insurance company to take you seriously.

Be Open to Settling Out of Court

Although you may want to win your court case: 90% of personal injury cases settle out of court to avoid the lengthy case and the large amount of money you’d have to pay to deal with it.  You don’t have to accept the first settlement offer but work with your lawyer to come to a number that you can send back and hope they’ll take.  Although it would be great if you got everything you need and more, you can definitely ask for more than their minimum.

Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

An injury can seriously change how you’re able to live your life: so it’s vital that these are taken as seriously as possible.  Whether you’re trying to overcome a broken arm from a slip or you were harmed in a car crash, keep these points in mind to ensure you’re paid what you deserve.

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