Modifying Child Support in Houston, TX: When Is This Possible?

The financial circumstances of a parent or child can change instantly. If you are currently paying child support to your ex-spouse, you must decide whether you can fulfill the court order. Even if you want to always provide for your kid, what if your financial circumstances have changed? Did you know that it is possible to modify child support in Houston, TX? If you want to initiate a motion for a child support modification, here’s what you must know first:

Effects of Child Support Enforcement on You

If you are paying child support, you must follow the court order seriously. Your ex-spouse can collect and garnish past due child support from your wages. The enforcement of child support in the state of Texas is charged with giving a just financial situation for your child and you must understand your rights under the guidelines. Your attorney can guide you as you navigate the enforcement process and ensure you have the best interests of your child in mind. 

Grounds for Child Support Modifications

A family judge may grant a modification of child support if your circumstances or your child’s circumstances have significantly changed since the order was made by the court. Also, such a modification is possible when the child support order is at least three years old. To determine the appropriateness of a modification, the court will examine all of your circumstances at the time it rendered the previous decree compared with the current circumstances.

Does Job Loss Impact Child Support Agreements?

If you are now unemployed and want to know how to decrease child support, submit a review request. The court may modify the existing support order temporarily after they consider your previous income, your ability to work now, and the minimum wage. 

But you must continue to make regular support payments as you wait for the completion of the review and the modification approval. If you are getting unemployment benefits while searching for a new job, the court may withhold up to 50% of these benefits to make sure you pay child support. 

If you believe you cannot afford to pay child support given your new circumstances, you must seek legal help from an experienced child support lawyer. The processes involved in requesting a child support modification are tricky, and you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights. The best attorney will ensure your situation is considered in court. 

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