Success Stories Help Fuel The Fire At GF Immigration Law

Giulia “Julia” Fantacci and her law firm, GF Immigration Law, put in long hours for the clients, hoping that they can find breakthroughs in cases and change the life of another client.

This type of motivation has been the fuel necessary to keep the entire team moving for so long. With a high turnover rate in immigration law, Giulia Fantacci stays as strong with a specific focus on helping human trafficking victims make a new life for themselves.

What does the typical process look like? Just how challenging is a usual case? Fantacci sees hurdles but understands the final prize waiting at the end. With the right mindset, life can change quickly.


Obtaining a T-Visa is priority number one from a legal standpoint when working with any human trafficking victim. Clients working with GF Immigration Law have been through so much at this point. Trying to navigate the paperwork and find proper documentation with everything else can set up the typical person for failure. 

Obtaining the services of a team that knows what’s necessary makes a difference. Most people initially know very little about the T-Visa option, and the complexity alone leaves people trying to learn on the fly.

Getting a T-Visa set up and approved as quickly as possible gives victims a chance to relax and know they aren’t running into substantial legal issues such as deportation. A lot of protection comes with the T-Visa, which is the first step towards a successful story.

One of the founding principles of GF Immigration Law is to achieve results as quickly as possible. 

Working with Prior Deportation Issues

For those immigration clients dealing with a human trafficking issue while also having prior deportation on their record, the initial assumption is that it’s a lost cause. In a lot of scenarios, that might very well be the case. However, those brought into a country unwillingly have rights that a law firm like Abogada Julia – GF Immigration Law can help with. 

It starts with a T-Visa and being able to fill out all paperwork quickly and accurately effectively cancels out deportation issues. In typical scenarios, a person with deportation already on their record might have to wait as long as ten years for the opportunity to apply once again. This isn’t the same case with a T-Visa, as a good lawyer will be able to fight based on new scenarios.

Deportations are one of the scariest things for a person who’s already had to go through so much involving human trafficking. If the individual wants to stay in the United States, being able to fight for that opportunity makes a lot of sense. 

Securing Citizenship

The naturalization process in the United States can be a very long and challenging one to go through. However, if a person wishes to live and work permanently in the United States, it’s worth all the effort to get it done correctly. Throughout the entire process, Giulia Fantacci and her team can get the job done.

Many individuals have already counted on Fantacci to work her magic and eventually help people receive their Green Card. There’s no way around certain parts of the process, but others can speed up with the right people working. Those who have been spending over a decade trying to get a Green Card can get help in under a year in some cases.

Giulia Fantacci and her team remain quick to point out that each case is different, so there are no guarantees regarding speed. However, with a knowledgeable team that’s seen so many different scenarios, being able to adapt on the fly makes sense.

Why the Results Speak for Themselves

Whether someone just recently went through a human trafficking incident or had one lingering in the past, Giulia Fantacci and her law firm are there to assist. Some may not even know that a law firm like this exists in the first place. 

They’re based in Miami, Florida, but human trafficking occurs in all 50 states. People come from different backgrounds and might not be aware of everything that’s out there to help.

Some of the little things are what ultimately propels Abogada Julia – GF Immigration Law to the top of the list for those needing assistance. They take the time to talk and listen to what people say about their case. Comprehending precisely what happened with the human trafficking issues and relaying that to the proper people make a massive difference in the speed of results.

Some clients have detailed the changes Abogada Julia – GF Immigration Law has brought to their lives. After fighting without assistance, getting a helping hand during immigration helps make sense of it. Having that place to call a new home helps many start to make a full recovery from their terrible series of events.


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