Things to not forget mind about DUI defense case

If you’re charged with DUI, your goal should be to settle for a less harsh penalty. However, sometimes, a DUI trial is imperative. In such cases, a DUI lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to avoid jail time and fines. 

A DUI attorney can mitigate the severity of the charges against you. There are a couple of things you need to know before your DUI trial begins. These facts will either make or break your case. Let’s know the things you need to keep in mind about a DUI defense case, as suggested by a Barnstable criminal defense attorney

  • Your Criminal History Will Matter a Lot: If you’re charged with DUI, your past criminal history will matter a lot. The penalties and fines for DUI cases will increase with each arrest. If you’re charged with DUI for the second or third time, penalties will be bigger. Even if the public prosecutor offers a plea deal, the judge still needs to accept it. If they look into your criminal history and assume that you’re a threat to society, they can reject your plea deal. While contacting a DUI lawyer, make sure you don’t hide anything about your criminal history. 
  • The State May Have Evidence Against You: People with DUI charges often state that they only had one or two drinks, and the police had convicted them improperly. They will also insist that they weren’t drunk and the cops were conspiring against them. Keep in mind that the state wouldn’t have pressed charges against you if they didn’t have sufficient evidence against you showing that you were drunk driving. Let your criminal defense lawyer do their job, and they will try to chip away the evidence to achieve the best outcome. 
  • Prepare to Pay Penalties: Your DUI attorney will try to negotiate to get the charges dropped. However, if you’re proven guilty of drunk driving, be prepared to pay harsh penalties. Not only will the court revoke your driving license, but you may also need to serve in community services. You will be required to pay thousands of dollars in fines. Your insurance rates will skyrocket. You may also be looking to prison time, depending on your criminal history. Don’t forget to prepare yourself for these possibilities before going to a DUI trial. 

We understand how overwhelming you may feel after being charged with a DUI. It’s important to entrust your case to professional criminal defense lawyers. They can really help you in this troublesome situation. 

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