Top tips for medical malpractice victims in Miami

We trust medical professionals and doctors to provide the best possible care to patients. Unfortunately, cases concerning negligence and medical malpractice are on the rise in Florida, and patients often don’t get compensated for the shoddy work of their healthcare provider. There are different types of such cases, starting from medication errors, birth injuries, surgical errors, and misdiagnosis. If you have suffered a similar fate, consider consulting a medical malpractice law firm in Miami, FL, at the earliest. We have a few tips below for patients and victims of medical malpractice below.

Seek Medical Care

If you have suffered injuries or have been diagnosed with a condition because of your doctor or surgeon, the first step is to seek medical care. Choose a different provider and make sure that you get the benefits of medical insurance. Before you leave the care of the healthcare provider, ensure that you speak to a medical malpractice attorney because you may have problems proving that you followed the instructions as suggested by the doctor.

Keep Important Records

Filing a medical malpractice claim requires considerable work, and the evidence has to be extremely strong. You are filing the lawsuit, and therefore, the burden of proof is on you. Everything pertaining to your medical care must be preserved, including prescriptions, test reports, hospital bills, and other treatment records. If you received doctor’s notes, preserve those too. These details will help your attorney in creating a strong case of medical malpractice.

Keep a journal

Besides getting compensation for your economic losses, such as lost wages and the cost of further care, you are also allowed to recover non-economic damages as per Florida laws. Keeping a journal is always a wise idea because it gives an insight into your feelings and the emotional distress you have endured because the healthcare provider didn’t adhere to the best standards in practice. Ask your attorney how much you can recover because there’s a cap on non-economic damages in Florida.

Consult a medical malpractice lawyer

Not all personal injury lawyers in Miami can claim to have adequate experience handling medical malpractice lawsuits. Ensure that you check for top-rated lawyers, and don’t worry about their fees because for medical malpractice cases, they usually charge a contingency fee. If you win a financial settlement, the lawyer will take an agreed percentage of the settlement as their fee.

You have two years to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice in Florida, which means you have to act early.

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