What are the Common Causes of Longshoreman Injury?

Workers are exposed to many hazards on the job, such as hazardous cargo, dirty equipment and chemicals, and poor conditions like diesel fumes. They can also be exposed to hazardous situations such as crane accidents and car crashes.

Longshoremen are typically injured by falls from heights, slips or trips on wet or oily surfaces, excessive weight carrying (this includes lifting), and vibrations from heavy machinery or motors that have malfunctioned and fallen apart. You will be eligible for longshore harbor workers’ compensation if you are injured in any of these ways. 

We will now see into the common causes of longshoreman injuries.

  • Co-worker negligence

Co-workers can be at fault for causing an injury to a longshoreman. This is called co-worker negligence. A co-worker can be either negligent or can be a witness to an accident of another co-worker. The latter is called witness negligence. In fact, the longshoreman will have a problem if they are unable to prove that their co-worker was negligent or if they were not involved in the accident.

  • Defective or malfunctioning equipment

Equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, and electric motors, can malfunction to cause an injury. If the longshoreman can prove that the accident was a result of a defect in machinery, then they may be eligible for compensation.

  • Fires or explosions

Fires or explosions can cause injuries. A common cause of this is overloaded machines, which then overheat. In such a situation, the longshoreman will be eligible for compensation by proving that he was injured as a result of a fire caused by overloaded machinery.

  • Crane accidents

Crane accidents can cause serious injuries, including death. If a longshoreman is injured in a crane accident and has proof of the event, he will be eligible for compensation.

  • Electrocution

Electrocution also causes injuries to dock workers. An electric shock can cause severe burns and even death. You can have injuries on your hands, arms, and legs from an electric shock, as well as burns to your face and body. 

  • Slips and falls

Slips and falls are other common causes of longshoreman injury. This includes slips on oily surfaces, wet floors, wet stairs, and slippery ramps. If the longshoreman was injured from a slip or fall, then they will be eligible for longshore compensation.

  • Drowning

Drowning is another common cause of longshoreman injury. The longshoreman can fall into the water and drown. Drowning also includes injuries caused by being hit by a wave or by falling into deep water.

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