What Grounds Can Be Made for the Academic Appeal for Medical Students?

Medical students have a tough life ahead of them. They need to focus on clinical, studies and other areas during their sessions. Sometimes, they may feel completely exhausted and tend to get lower grades. If they consistently show poor performance in their exams, they are likely to receive a dismissal notice from the authorities. To know more about how you can handle such cases, you must click here and get familiar with the relevant grounds so that the board members can reconsider the decision and give you another chance. 

Why does a medical student get dismissed?

Several reasons can be accountable for disciplinary actions for medical students including academic misconduct and poor performance. Some of them are elaborated on below:

Grades are too low

One of the major reasons is the lower grades in examinations. Things may get complicated if these grades are consistently low. These grades are required for advanced studies.

Academic misconduct 

Another reason is academic misconduct, which can list a number of behavioral issues such as cheating, plagiarism, using unapproved materials in the exams, and violations of the Code of Conduct. 

If the student is alleged with any of the above charges, his entire medical career will be at the stake.

Grounds for an appeal

Medical students have an opportunity to file an appeal based on relevant grounds if they have failing grades, are put on probation, receive a negative clinical assessment, and have been involved in academic misconduct. Hearings on an appeal may be limited. However, the student has the right to go to court if nothing else works out. Some of the grounds to file an appeal are: 

  • The school has made the mistake of evaluating the scores on the paper or test. 
  • In many cases, the school did not follow its own rules and the faculty member made a mistake.
  • There might be a conflict in accessing the entire date.
  • The poor grades may be a result of poor health, family issues such as the death of a loved one, or financial difficulties. Due to these reasons, the medical student was not able to buxic perform well in the exams.

If you have received a notice of disciplinary action, you must act fast and file an appeal. In many cases, there are strict timelines for filing an appeal. If you fail to do so, you are likely to ruin your own medical career. 

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