What is the law for car accidents in Mexico? 

For the Mexican authority, getting arrested in a car accident involving physical injuries and major property damage is very common and legal. Suppose anyone is injured during a car accident. In that case, you must spend time in jail unless the investigator completes their case investigation. Contacting the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. would be the best option to get a solution. A car accident often can be a reason for a typical lawsuit against the Mexican authority, so you should always hire a professional if you are dealing with such a case. 

Minor accident cases

Suppose the accident case is minor and the hamper is minimum, like minor damage to the vehicle or roads. In that case, it can be settled with a fine or compensation. You should have documents like liability insurance if you are driving on Mexican roads to prevent the serious consequences you may face during any car accident. 

What should you do after a car accident? 

  1. You should not move the vehicle from the spot unless the authorities permit you. 
  2. You can also hire an attorney in the police station who can provide you with the proper suggestions and legal advice you will require to handle the case. 
  3. The other person involved in the accident may offer you money for the damages. Still, you should never accept that unless you consult with the insurance company. 
  4. The documents like driving license, passport, visas, and proof of insurance are very important, so you should always have at least these four documents handy. 

Right to compensation

The categories of compensation that you would be eligible for recovery are as follows: 

  1. Medical expenses 
  2. Property damages 
  3. Punitive damages  
  4. Legal expenses 
  5. Consortium loss etc. 


You should prepare yourself to go to jail as the Mexican authorities keep both parties in custody unless the investigation is over. Since hiring a professional should be the priority given by you as an accident lawyer can handle your case with more professional skill and understands legal language. This will eventually help you fight against the case strongly, arrange legal documents and represent them in an efficient way to the legal authority. They also negotiate with the insurance companies so that you can get all your claims during the time of your need, and eventually help you to get your justice delivered.

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