Get Out Of A Red Light Ticket In NYC With The Help Of A Skilled Lawyer

Red light cameras are common in many U.S. cities for a good reason. They help keep traffic flowing safely and smoothly, making financial sense for governments that want to generate revenue from camera-enforcement programs. But red light camera enforcement also has its fair share of downsides for people caught speeding through a yellow or red light. For example, if you get caught at a red light camera, there’s usually no way to know whether or not you were violating the law. And once the photo evidence gets sent to the authorities, they can use it against you any time they see fit, regardless of whether you were guilty. 

Thanks to recent changes in state law, motorists may be able to challenge their violations. We’ll discuss what constitutes a “red-light violator” under state law. Then, how can a skilled New York Red Light Ticket Lawyer successfully defend against allegations involving one?

1. Fight Your Case With The Help Of A Knowledgeable Lawyer.

Under the old law, if you were issued a red light ticket and later found out that you were not violating the law at the time of your violation. Your only option was to pay the fine. If you wanted to contest your ticket, you would have to hire a lawyer to fight it. It makes sense from a financial perspective. You can pay an attorney anywhere from $500-2,000 to help defend you against a red light camera ticket. But in many cases, people are not guilty of running and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to contest their offense. And sometimes, people lose their jobs because they lost so much time fighting for their tickets that they can’t work anymore. 

Fortunately, there is no hope for those fighting a red light camera ticket in New York with the help of a skilled lawyer. Thanks to recent changes in state rules and regulations. Offenders who are issued a red light camera ticket within 90 days of receiving an official warning may be able to challenge their violation. 

2. Save Money And Time With The Help Of An Expert.

The road to fighting a red light camera ticket is long for many New Yorkers. While the number of people caught on camera has increased, it’s still a challenging process. However, good lawyers can save time and money by fighting your ticket without the risk of ruining your case. To qualify for this new type of defense, you must take certain steps before getting caught.

  1. Ensure that your vehicle meets the criteria established under state law. In addition, it must get covered by an auto insurance policy.
  2. Ensure that you drive within 5 miles per hour over the speed limit during your violation.
  3. Don’t stop in any marked school zones or intersections with yellow or red flashing lights during the period you’re eligible to contest your ticket.

If you can follow these simple guidelines, there’s hope for you too.

3. Avoid Points On Your License By Challenging Your Red Light Ticket.

In New York, red light violations come with a $50 fine for the first violation, an additional $100 for each subsequent offense, and three points on your license. Points on your right can have a negative impact on your driving record, which can hurt your ability to get insurance in the future. In addition, if you get caught by a red light camera and are found guilty, there’s no way to avoid getting that ticket stuck onto your permanent record. 

Luckily, recent changes to state law allow drivers ticketed by a red light camera at an intersection with a green arrow signal to challenge their violations without risking conviction. It means that if you get ticketed by a red light camera in conjunction with a green arrow signal and want to fight the alleged violation of speeding. You can do so without spending thousands of dollars on an attorney or risking conviction after trial.

4. Keep Your Insurance Rates Low By Winning Your Red Light Ticket Case.

Although most red light camera violations get dismissed, the tickets may stick. It means you may face a higher insurance premium or worse. If you’ve received a red light ticket, it pays to know your rights and fight back with an experienced New York red light camera ticket attorney. With qualified lawyers, you can win your case and keep insurance rates low. 

The new legislation changes what constitutes a “red-light violator” under state law, excluding traffic infractions. It includes speeding through a yellow or red light on private roads or residential property from being classified as a violation. This new policy means that there will be no way for the traffic department to organize certain offenses as violations by using a red-light camera at an intersection. This exemption also applies to people who violate one of these particular infractions on public roads with no posted speed limit. 

So now, when someone breaks one of these exclusions by speeding through their yellow or red light. They cannot get classified as violating state law in this situation. It would allow them to automatically dismiss their violation without going to court and risk conviction after trial. That means they will have to appear before a judge and prove that they were not violating state law before dismissing their violation. 

5. Hiring A Lawyer Will Give You The Best Chance Of Winning Your Red Light Ticket Case.

To be considered a red-light violator under state law, you must drive through a red light with a green arrow signal. In other words, you have to go through the intersection when it’s safe to do so. If the camera caught you committing a violation even though you were following the rules, your case might get dismissed. 

Hiring an attorney is not enough if you want your ticket thrown out. You need one who understands how this new legislation will affect how traffic offenses get prosecuted in New York State. That’s where New York Red Light Ticket Lawyer comes in. We specialize in cases involving violations of traffic laws. We can help you dismiss your ticket by showing that the photo evidence was unreliable or that the officer failed to show reasonable cause for issuing your citation.

6. Increase Your Chances Of Beating A Red Light Ticket With The Help Of An Experienced Attorney.

To successfully challenge a red-light ticket issued by a red light camera, the motorist must get stopped at the time of the violation. Motorists driving through an intersection with a green signal will likely be able to challenge if they were not driving under the influence at the time of the citation. If you were stopped at the cross-section and received a red light ticket from a red light camera, it’s worth contacting a skilled lawyer for help. 

Under current New York law, authorities must prove that a motorist violated speeding and running a red light before issuing them one of these citations. However, under legislation introduced in Albany last year, motorists would only need to prove that they violated one or both sections of this law to avoid conviction. If successful, these reforms could make it easier for drivers caught by cameras to get out of their tickets without spending thousands on legal representation.

On The Whole

In New York State, red-light violations are infractions that can get charged as misdemeanors or traffic violations. Traffic violations are considered criminal offenses and have higher penalties than the misdemeanor charge, which carries points on your driver’s license and fines from $500 to $1,000. In addition, three types of state laws may affect your ticket. 

The first is the law that governs what constitutes a “red-light violator.” In New York State, if you receive a red light violation at an intersection with a green arrow signal, this includes evidence that you violated the law. It depends on severity. On the other hand, receiving a red light violation at an intersection without an arrow signal will not constitute evidence that you violated any state law. 

The second type of law provides how to challenge violations. For example, suppose you receive a red light violation and choose to contest it in court after receiving notice of your ticket in the mail. In that case, you are no longer obligated to go through the judicial process (as previously required). Instead, you need to pay for your ticket within 30 days and present proof at trial that the photo evidence used against you wasn’t valid. 

Finally, the last type of law allows you to request an administrative hearing with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) concerning red-light camera tickets. New York Red Light Ticket Lawyer can help you with your ticket problem. I hope you find this article useful.

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